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Family Office and Financial Advice

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Family Office and Independent Financial Advice

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Core Principles

What Matters Most in Investing


I am fiercely independent. I have no financial interest in any fund, platform or product. I accept payment from my clients only, and strictly accept no net payment, commission or financial incentives from any other parties, ensuring that my advice remains completely independent and conflict-free.


The investment industry is complex and often opaque. I help my clients understand the full industry value chain: who does what, who charges what, and why.


Cost compression is critical to long-term investing success. Seemingly small incremental costs can have devastating effects on your investment portfolio over time. I rigorously scrutinise the end-to-end cost of your investments, helping you understand exactly what you are paying, and removing all excess costs.


There are many legitimate approaches to maximising the tax-efficiency of your investment portfolio. Small improvements in tax efficiency have a very positive effect over time. I guide my clients in implementing a highly tax-efficient approach to investing.


An over-concentration to any single asset poses one of the gravest risks to investing success. Concentrated portfolios are exposed to large and permanent reductions in value. My clients' portfolios are highly diversified across hundreds, if not thousands, of underlying investment securities.


Successful investing requires that you develop a sensible strategy and then stick to it. Too many investors abandon well-conceived plans in order to follow the herd into bubbles, or they panic when markets collapse. I help my clients remain disciplined, focused and committed to sound plans in both bull and bear markets.

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