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Analyzing Graphs

Services Offered

Portfolio Design

  • Design the optimal allocation for your investment portfolio by asset class and geography

Portfolio Implementation

  • Identify the best-in-class investment platforms, investment funds and product wrappers

Offshore Investing

  • Determine the optimal approach to achieving Rand hedging and political risk mitigation in your investment portfolio: excon allowance vs feeder funds vs asset swaps

  • Advice and support in respect of foreign exchange services

  • Identify the best-in-class offshore investment platforms, investment funds and producer wrappers


  • Develop an investment strategy to meet your retirement goals

  • Determine a sustainable spending strategy in your retirement

Advanced Structuring

  • Advice and support in respect of advanced investment techniques including:

    • South African trusts

    • Offshore trusts

    • Investment holding companies

    • Asset swaps

    • International pension funds

Ancillary Support

  • Full integration of your investment plan with your estate plan, will, onshore and offshore trusts, investment companies, and tax planning

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