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Analysing Data

How it Works

The financial planning and advice process

1. Get to know you

  • Understand your current financial circumstances

  • Understand your financial goals and requirements

  • Assess and discuss your risk tolerance

  • Discuss your history and experience regarding investments 

2. Develop a plan

  • Develop a detailed financial plan to meet your financial goals

  • Design an asset allocation strategy for your investment portfolio, i.e. a target weighting by i) asset class, and ii) geography, consistent with your financial goals and risk tolerance

  • Consider and select any appropriate tax-efficient investment wrappers, e.g. retirement funds, endowment funds, tax-free savings accounts, etc.

  • Consider the optimal investment holding entities e.g. your own name vs family trust vs Offshore trust etc

3. Implementation

  • Assess and select the appropriate investment platforms, investment products and investment funds to implement your financial plan and investment portfolio

4. Review and revise

  • Meet on a periodic basis to review the performance of your investment plan, and consider whether any amendments are appropriate

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